The Best K-Cups for Strong Coffee Flavor

Best K Cups for strong coffee to make in your Keurig for coffee flavors and for caffeine content

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Are you looking for strong coffee to make in your Keurig? You’ve come to the right place! This post is going to review some of the best K-Cups for strong coffee.

What makes coffee strong? There are a few different things we can look at. One of those is a strong coffee taste. Another is the amount of caffeine in the coffee. Just because a cup of coffee tastes strong, that doesn’t mean there’s a high caffeine content. So are you looking for a strong coffee flavor or a high caffeine content? Or both?

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Coffee With A Strong Coffee Taste

Let’s first look at some of the best choices for K-Cups with a strong coffee flavor. When you think of a strong coffee taste, what comes to your mind? Obviously, “weak coffee” doesn’t come to your mind. Most likely, you’re thinking about a flavor that is full-bodied with a deep, rich, intense, and even a bitter taste.

When traditionally brewing coffee, you can add extra coffee to make it stronger. Although when using a Keurig, you cannot add extra coffee. Many Keurigs have a “Strong” button, which slows down the speed that the coffee is pumped through the K-Cup. This allows more coffee to be absorbed into the water. But what about the actual type of K-Cup? Are some K-Cup flavors stronger than others?

There is a post we wrote that compares the taste differences of dark roast and light roast coffee. In that article, we discuss how the flavor of dark roast tends to fit that “strong coffee” taste. In that sense, our research mainly focuses on different types of dark roast K-Cups have the strongest flavors.

The Best Ones

To keep things simple, we commonly say that there is not a “best” one. Everyone has different tastes. People like and enjoy different flavors. It’s apart of how each person is unique and different. Each person has a different taste and enjoyment for different beverages. So you will probably need to sample different flavors until you find the one that you enjoy the most.

Variety Packs

One advantage of having a Keurig is you have the option to purchase different types of coffee in a single purchase. If you buy a bag of coffee beans, you have a whole bag to use. With K-Cups, you can buy a variety pack and try out different brands and types of coffee.

So if you are looking for strong coffee, there are variety packs of strong-flavored K-Cups that you can purchase to see which one you like the best. Here are some that Amazon sells:

Popular Strong Coffee Flavors

If you don’t want to get a variety pack of K-Cups, there are also popular strong-flavored K-Cups that are worth trying. The types of coffee below are the strongest-flavored K-Cups by popular coffee brands.

  • Starbucks French Roast K-Cups – Starbucks is a signature brand known for high quality and strong coffee. When looking for their strongest flavored coffee, dark roast is the place to start. Their French Roast coffee is a dark roast that combines a strong flavor and high quality into a K-Cup.
  • Dunkin’ Espresso Style Extra Dark Roast K-Cups – Dunkin’ coffee is known for having a strong and bitter taste. Many people enjoy that slight burnt taste in their coffee, which Dunkin’ coffee does well with. Their Espresso Style Extra Dark Roast is their strongest flavor K-Cups for Keurig that they currently offer.
  • Peet’s Coffee French Roast K-Cups – One thing unique about Peet’s French Roast is that they use a special type of coffee bean that can be roasted for a longer time at a higher temperature. This creates a stronger flavor. As a result, these K-Cups have a richer and denser flavor than other types of coffee.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a strong-flavored K-Cup, there are many options. Variety packs can be a good way to try different flavors to see which one you like the best. If you would like a popular brand, they have good options for getting a strongly-flavored K-Cup as well.

Be sure to use “Strong” button on your Keurig to make sure you’re getting the strongest flavor in your coffee. If you have a strong-flavored coffee that you enjoy and is not mentioned here, drop us a note and let us know. Enjoy!