Fantastic Keurig Drinks Other Than Coffee

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There is no doubt that the Keurig has been a revelation for coffee drinkers around the world. It offers you the kind of convenience and variety for your coffee drinking experience than there ever has been. Keurig’s K-Cup single-serve pods make the coffee machine quite popular for coffee drinkers who want to get their morning caffeine fix without putting in too much effort.

While coffee machines are a favorite appliance due to their ability to make you a fantastic cup of joe in little to no time, they can be quite annoying. Some people begin to get annoyed by single-use appliances that take up plenty of counter space. They do nothing more than performing one job.

It might be intriguing for you to learn that your Keurig can do more than simply making your coffee. There are several Keurig drinks other than coffee that you can make. Some of these items you can prepare using your Keurig add significant value to your appliance. Others are merely fun and make our Keurig more enjoyable to use.

Any guesses on what they are? Let’s discuss some of the best Keurig drinks other than coffee that you can make.

1. Did you know you can make cold beverages in a Keurig?

When you think of a Keurig, your mind naturally veers towards coffee or other hot beverages. It makes sense since it is primarily a coffee machine more than anything else. Still, you might be surprised to learn that you can also make cold beverages using your Keurig machine.

There is a wide assortment of cold beverages you can prepare using your Keurig. The manufacturer partnered with several brands to produce K-Cup flavors that you can brew over ice to create a variety of cold drinks. You can make anything from lemonade to different flavors of iced tea.

All you need to do is use your Keurig and brew the appropriate flavors over ice. You can even use Keurig K-Cup flavors to brew your delectable iced coffees.

2. What about Keurig instant noodles?

You read that right. A Keurig can also help you prepare instant noodles in a fraction of time it would take you to make using a stove or a microwave. If you are planning to have a late-night snack of instant noodles or Ramen in your favorite Cup-O-Noodles flavor, a Keurig machine can be the perfect tool to prepare it in no time.

The large cup setting on your Keurig coffee maker dispenses just the right amount of water to fill a Cup-O-Noodles to the fill line. All you need to do to prepare your instant noodles is to run the Keurig without a K-Cup and place the noodle container underneath the spout.

Once the Keurig dispenses the hot water, let the noodles sit with the hot water for a minute before you can start enjoying your instant noodles. The same goes for instant Ramen.

3. Can I use the Keurig to make breakfast?

The best thing about a Keurig is that it helps you make quick work of your morning coffee. In a matter of minutes, you can get the perfect single-serve coffee for your breakfast. Did you know that the Keurig can help you make oatmeal as well?

While it might not be a Keurig “drink” other than coffee, it is a useful ability that your coffee machine has. Why should you use it to make coffee when your Keurig can also help you prepare wholesome oatmeal for your breakfast too? Making oatmeal for your breakfast has never been easier.

All you need to do is select the smallest cup setting on your Keurig, empty a packet of your favorite instant oatmeal in a bowl, and place it under the Keurig. The water that your appliance dispenses is hot enough to cool your oatmeal in a matter of minutes. Once the Keurig dispenses the hot water, leave your oatmeal there for a couple of minutes, and your breakfast is ready.

4. Can it make baby cereal?

Not many tired parents know that their Keurig coffee machine can make life easier for them in more ways than making coffee. After you are done making that strong cup of coffee to start another tiring day, you can find that the dispenser can help you prepare your infant’s rice cereal too.

You can use the hot water it dispenses to prepare the rice cereal. Once you let the hot water sit in the rice cereal, you need to mix it until you get the right texture. The water is hot enough to cook the cereal properly. After you get the right consistency, you can add the desired amount of milk to it and let it sit until it is cool enough for your baby to eat.

You can even use the Keurig as a bottle warmer by dispensing the warm water into a cup and letting the bottle sit in it for a little while.

5. You can even make apple cider in your Keurig

As the autumn season approaches, many people get the craving to drink a warm cup of apple cider. It is a comforting hot beverage that most people love to enjoy at any time of the day in the pleasant fall weather. Most people do not get around to making one for themselves because of the effort it takes to brew the apple cider over a crockpot.

Keurig came out with several K-Cup flavors that you can use to make hot cider in a matter of minutes. Imagine being able to brew several cups of hot cider to curb your cravings and enjoy the drink, which can give you a sensation of a comforting hug – all in a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

We hope that learning about these Keurig drinks other than coffee has opened up your eyes about the possibilities of this fantastic appliance. The ability to use your coffee machine for more than making coffee can help you get the most value out of the appliance. From making oatmeal in your breakfast to preparing a cup of hot cider in a matter of minutes, your Keurig machine can offer you convenience beyond your morning caffeine fix.

Happy brewing!