Unusual K Cup Flavors You Wouldn’t Expect

Unusual K Cup Flavors

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The Keurig coffee maker has been a revelation ever since it came around. This remarkable appliance makes quick work of your coffee fix, using it is easy, and it’s simple to maintain. Perhaps the best thing about Keurig coffee makers is the incredible number of coffee flavors in K-Cups you can make using the coffee maker.

Not many people know this, but there are some unusual K-cup flavors out there. Sometimes choosing between the breakfast blend and dark roasted coffee isn’t enough. If you want to mix things up, Keurig has worked with several companies to come up with unique K-Cup flavors to make life more interesting.

Unusual K-Cup Flavors

Here are three unusual K-Cup Flavors you can consider if you want to mix things up with the Keurig coffee maker.

Wild Mountain Blueberry CoffeeDonut House Chocolate Glazed Coffee  Starbucks Creme Brulee Coffee
●     Lovely blueberry aroma
●    Strong flavor
●    Medium roast coffee
●    Odd flavor
●    Medium roast coffee
●    Smooth taste
●    Burnt flavor
●    Too sweet for some people
●    Comes in light roast and medium roast

Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee

Keurig partnered with Green Mountain Coffee to make the Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee K-Cup flavor. It is appropriate to start with the most peculiar product when we’re discussing unusual K-Cup flavors.

People love their fair share of pumpkin spice flavor as an alternative to conventional breakfast blends or dark roasts, but the Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee K-Cup takes things to a different level. Imagine the sweet flavor of juicy blueberries baked to perfection with a buttery crust. It is surely one of Keurig’s most interesting varieties. Blueberry coffee is a difficult prospect to consider but one that can make quite an impact on someone looking for something intriguing to quell their thirst for coffee.

This unusual K-Cup flavor is a Fair Trade product, and it has no sugar or sweeteners of any kind. It is a calorie- and carb-free K-Cup flavor that you can enjoy without any guilt. Customers love the medium roast nature of this K-Cup flavor that gives them a sweeter experience. Some customers have found that the product has changed in recent years but most of them find it a fantastic flavor to enjoy without the need to add sugar or cream.


  • Fair Trade product
  • No added sweetener or sugars
  • Has an interesting flavor
  • Ideal medium blend roast
  • It has a strong blueberry aroma


  • Recent customers have reported a change in flavor they don’t like
  • Some customers have reported inconsistency in quality

Our Take

As unusual as this flavor might be, we think it is a decent K-Cup drink that you can enjoy as your morning coffee. The coffee does not taste bad – it is just unusual. While it may take some getting used to, we think you might end up enjoying this regularly.

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Donut House Chocolate Glazed Coffee

Another interesting partnership Keurig made to create an unusual K-Cup flavor is with Donut House to create the Donut House Coffee K-Cup. Coffee and donuts have been a popular combination in the country for as long as history remembers. Combining the two into a single beverage seems unthought of, but Keurig made it possible with this unusual K-Cup flavor.

The Chocolate Glazed Donut flavor is something coffee purists might despise due to its sweet flavor. People who love chocolate glazed donuts will find that this K-Cup flavor has the taste of a chocolate glazed donut dipped in coffee. Some customers have reported that the coffee has too much of an acidic taste, and they dump it out after a few sips. This unusual K-Cup flavor has Keurig’s customers divided.

If you are into some experimentation with your coffee, this unusual K-Cup flavor could be a decent thing to have once in a while. It is not something you might use to replace your regular coffee with. The taste takes a little getting used to, but it is too sweet for the liking of many customers.


  • Has an interesting flavor
  • The chocolate flavor does not overpower the coffee flavor
  • Has a smoother taste than regular coffee


  • Customers have reported that the taste can be acidic
  • The chocolate glazed donut flavor takes some getting used to

Our Take

We think the idea of making chocolate glazed donut-flavored coffee was ambitious. It does have a pleasant taste if you have a sweet tooth. We would not recommend it if you’re a coffee purist.

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Starbucks Creme Brulee Coffee

The last unusual K-Cup flavor we’re going to take a look at is the Starbucks Creme Brulee Coffee. Coffee is an all-time favorite beverage for many Americans, and creme brulee is a darling dessert. Keurig partnered with Starbucks to create a concoction that brought the two things together, but it seems like one of the big misses Keurig made with its adventurous ventures.

Sometimes, it is better to leave two amazing things separate from each other. This unusual K-Cup flavor shows that Keurig should have done that when it came to bringing coffee and creme brulee together. Customers have reported that the coffee does not smell like creme brulee and does not taste like it. It resembles more of a hazelnut flavor.

The coffee flavor comes in two different roasts: Light and Medium. Overall, the taste of the coffee is more burnt rather than sweet. Keurig has made some interesting and delicious K-Cup flavors, but this is not one of them.


  • Coffee flavor seems to get better once you get used to it
  • Comes in medium roast and light roast variety
  • Suitable for newbie coffee drinkers who love their coffee sweet


  • Many customers found the coffee’s taste to be unusual
  • Some customers reported a burnt taste
  • Expensive flavor

Our Take

This K-Cup flavor is interesting for what it is. It is a creative endeavor to try and make creme brulee-flavored coffee. We feel that, unfortunately, it misses the mark. If you are new to drinking coffee and you want to experiment with different flavors, this might be worth a crack. We think you might even enjoy a cup of it if you are bored with your regular coffee. Still, it is not something coffee aficionados can get used to.

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Final Thoughts on Unusual K-Cup Flavors

We have come across some really interesting K-Cup flavors. A lot of the products Keurig has made over the years have been successful, while some flavors have just been unusual. These unusual K-cup flavors certainly have Keurig enthusiasts divided. Some people love them while others think that Keurig might have gone too far with its creative flavors.

If you are bored with the regular coffee you have been having, these unusual K-Cup flavors can certainly offer you an interesting change of pace. Some people might not appreciate them as much as others, and you have been given a fair warning.

We hope you found the information on these unusual K-Cup flavors insightful. You might think that these flavors don’t belong in the world of coffee, but who knows? You might like one of them once you try them out.

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